Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Blob that Attacked Las Vegas

Well the good news was that I lost my Paxil weight pretty fast. The bad news is that some of it hunted me down and found me. I didnt even see it coming up behind me .... it must have been wearing camo. I have been eating when I am bored and have been eating junk food and have been well .... just eating and it needs to stop. I feel awful. I feel puffy. I feel like hell .. and I look like it too.
So I am going to spend the next two months trying to lose about 20 pounds so that I don't look like a blob walking around the streets of Las Vegas. I will keep you posted. I am proud of myself ... I didn't get the 55 gallon drum of Dr. Pepper for lunch. I drank water instead ! So far I haven't died from nitrate withdrawal, but if it does happen then it has been nice knowing you.

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