Sunday, January 31, 2010

Caged Animals

We have been stuck in the house together for going on 4 days now. I know that doesn't sound like a long time ... but when you have five teenagers and a husband who worked 48 hours straight at the fire station and wanted to come home and take a nap while the kids decided to play "Let's run up and down the stairs screaming like we are on fire" ... IT IS !!!

Another lovely ice storm has hit the state of Oklahoma and while we are lucky enough to have only lost electricity for about four hours on Friday morning. We are just unlucky enough to have icy roads, temperatures in the low 20s and absolutely nowhere to go. We are TRAPPED !!! CAGED !!! GOING OUT OF OUR MINDS AND GETTING READY TO SERIOUSLY HURT EACH OTHER !!!

We have watched every movie that we can think of. I spent hours this morning writing letters for causes that I believe in and got 20 pages written on my book. Derek just gave Riley a wonderful lesson in how to properly load the dishwasher while Riley stood there with that "Who are you and what are those words that are coming out of that hole in your face?" look. We have done laundry. We have vacuumed. We have made homemade meals (yes - I cooked ! Don't get used to it). We have done all of that family bonding crap and frankly we are tired of it.


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