Friday, February 19, 2010

There Isn't a Box of Wine Big Enough ....

... to make tomorrow a fun day. We are taking Pretty Princess aka Rachel prom dress shopping all day long. Knowing her she will try on every single dress in the store, and loooooooooooove the one that is two sizes too small and makes everything hang out. We will then have a huge argument about it and will force her to buy somethng that looks like this. Yeah right .... as if we would make her get a brown dress.

Pffffft ..... we aren't that cruel. :)

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  1. I just bought the last prom dress I will ever buy. Seriously, I just got home. My youngest daughter graduates this year and we found THE gown in less than two hours and she only tried on three.

    It's beautiful, it's registered (meaning no one else at her school will have the same dress), and it's, earrings, everything - Pretty easy I would say. I hope your experience goes as well.

    Good Luck and Happy Shopping!