Thursday, July 30, 2009

If Door Slamming Were an Olympic Sport ... She Would Have Won the Gold !

My loyal followers (both of them) know the story about our little darling, Rachel, and her uncanny ability to make a phone bill rise. If she were a superhero she would be Call Girl ... wait that didn't sound right . She would be the Text Tart ... wait that didn't sound right either. Oh h*ll - she would be some sort of superhero in spandex and a cape with a phone in her hand.

Well last night she came in our bedroom while Derek and were laying in bed cuddling (ah!) and watching tv. She wanted to know if she could call the boyfriend. We asked her when she had talked to him last and she said "last night, but I didn't get to call him twice last week because I went down to Houston to see Mel with Pam (Pam is my sister)" We then reminded her that missed phone calls due not accrue and cannot be used at another time. Then we had to explain to her what accrue meant. She was not happy. She huffed. Then she slammed the door. Then we laughed !

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  1. WAIT they aren't roll over minutes???