Friday, June 26, 2009

I Burned the Rainbows and Stepped on the Butterflies

I don't know about you, but when I am in a bad mood I just can't stand chipper acting people. You know what I am talking about. The salespeople who say "hey there" or "howdy" when you walk into the mall - the person at the drive through that shouts out "have a good one" as you grab your burger - the reporter on the news who is smiling while she talks about the 12 car pile up out on the interstate. I am not saying that there are not times when I am not happy (did that make any sense at all?). I am generally a pretty easy-going person. However, there are days when somebody chimes in "Good Morning" right when I walk in the door, that I just want to kick them in the teeth. Some mornings are not good mornings. Some mornings are bad mornings. Some mornings are just ran over the neighbor's cat, the washing machine flooded the first floor, the kids won't stop fighting, and the checking account is overdrawn kind of mornings.

Of course we can't all wear little running screens on our forehead that say "don't be happy around me - I am not in the mood for it", but wouldn't it be nice if we could. I am all for being nice to people when the niceness is genuine but please stop asking people "How are you doing?" when you really don't care. I would love to tell somebody who asks me that open-ended question sometime how I am really doing. I can just see me now, standing in the middle of Bath and Body Works spilling out all of my problems to the college age twit who is more than happy to solve them all with some Warm Vanilla Bubble Bath. Well Sindy (with an S), since you asked "I have cramps so bad that they would bring an elephant to it's knees, my son just snuck out of the house and broke his arm at the skate park, my daughter wants to go on birth control pills so that she and her boyfriend can "express their love for each other", my husband is working another shift so I don't get a break from the kids today, and I hate my damn job !" After a long pause and a distant, almost scared look from Sindy (with an S), I would be forced to say "and I would love the entire collection in Warm Vanilla" to which she would reply "that is just super, can I help you find anything else!".

So for all of you "rainbows and butterflies" people out there. Sometimes the world has more pot holes than rainbows and more sewer rats than butterflies. So keep your chipperness to yourself.

Oh wait - Have a Nice Day !!! :)

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