Tuesday, June 9, 2009

noodles, chicken, and non-fuzzy stuff surprise

I have officially declared this month in our house to be "don't buy crap that we don't need" month. This includes candy at the corner store, trips to the movies, going out to eat, movie rentals, etc. I really think that we can do it - even though it is only the ninth and I am already craving a Sonic cheeseburger for dinner. No - I will be strong. Must go on. Must pay off debt.

It's amazing how many meals we have just sitting in the cabinet waiting to be made. I told Derek that tonight we are going to make a meal out of leftover egg noodles, those other five chicken breasts in the freezer, and whatever is in a storage container in the back of the fridge that does not have a protective layer of green fuzz on the top of it. I am sure that the kids are going to complain but I have become so immune to their gritching that I probably won't even notice the comments such as "momma - is my tongue supposed to be going numb?" or "this stuff smells like feet". By gosh - if I have to suffer for my own cause then they have to too.

Keep in mind that I have five children (all of them at least preteen age). So when we go out to eat it easily runs us a hundred dollars. We have found a movie theater that has matinee shows for $3.75 a person but of course it is just impossible to watch a movie without a 55 gallon drum of the nastiest tasting popcorn on the earth and a bucket of flat soda, so we spend another forty bucks or so at the concession stand. A day out for us can hit the two hundred dollar mark in a hurry. Plus whenever we go to the closest shopping mecca, my husband is drawn into the Eddie Bauer store as if it is a crack hous and he has the itches. I worked so hard to get that darn EB card paid off but that rat b*stard snuck in there again for some more t-shirts in some awful colors when I wasn't looking. Don't even get me started on his Sam's club habit (see previous post about the fabulous deck umbrella).

So for this month - we will be spending a lot of time at home together. Which might be good in the long run because we might have a few less family members to feed next month after spending so much "quality time" in an 1,800 square foot house. Somebody is going to snap - it might just be me after I have a fit of Sonic cheeseburger withdrawal. You never know.

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  1. Just tell the kids to scrape the green fuzz off. And for your boys, if they don't like that, tell them it will put hair on their chest.