Friday, May 21, 2010

Circus Clowns on Crack Checks

Back in the days when I was bat shit crazy I dressed like a combination of Dame Edna and Liberace. Combine this with the "stuck a calico cat in a blender" hairstyle and not only did I act crazy, I looked crazy too. The craziness carried over into every area of my life - from the multicolored kitchen cabinets (every door and drawer front a different color with stars painted on them) to the checks that I ordered. Derek was raised in a "we only buy the plain blue checks" kind of family. However, I was raised in the "I am going to buy the checks with the monkeys in tutus on them because I am doped out of my mind ... hey is that a turtle" kind of family. Crazy begets crazy !

I ordered new checks today and I picked some rather plain ones with stripes on them. However, I am going to tell Derek (complete with a print out to show him) that I ordered these .... he he he ! I am evil ! muahahahahahaha! I like to call them the Circus Clowns on Crack checks ... I wonder if they come with their own hit of acid.


  1. Is it bad that I wish those cheques were mine? Because I totally do. :)

  2. I totally understand the order "plain blue" checks and not the "fun, colorful, crazy checks" because of whatever.... But, don't deny your fun side (not crazy side, just fun) when ordering new check stock. It's okay to be original, colorful, fun, etc. That does not equate to crazy. Trust me. Okay?

    I just bought this WILD purse at the Tulsa Designer Showcase house. I'm talking WILD, WILD, WILD! My Husband loved it when I brought it home. It's okay to fly the "wild" flag sometimes! I know you know that!

  3. I was going to say what Cynthia said--they're kinda fun. I did got through a "fun check" phase, thought they weren't quite that festive. ;)

    Now I'm all about the cheap, plain ones. Got it out of my system early.