Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Go Lightly My Ass

My hubby had to have a colonoscopy yesterday. He and I both have strong family histories of colon cancer and I have already had several of them. The first time that I had one,the doctor prescribed the Go Lightly laxative ... which comes in a gallon size container of which you have to drink all of it in an afternoon. As soon as I would come out of the bathroom, Derek would hand me another glass of it. It was evil in a bottle !!!

Monday afternoon when Derek was gagging on his Magnesium Citrate I had flashbacks of the Go Lightly (and the Phospho soda and the Magnesium Citrate) and literally had to leave the room while he drank it. Just watching him stand there and chuck it down, I could literally taste it. Well guess what ... me being of the Amazon race and being a six foot tall woman evidently has longer intestines than most people and I don't get to go the Phospho soda or Magnesium Citrate route ... oh no ... I get to go back to the Go Lightly ! Go Lightly my ass ... how about go so many times a day that you feel like your stomach is going to fall into the toilet ... how about go so many times that you wear a line out in the carpet from the bedroom to the bathroom .. how about go so many times a day that even your teenage sons complain about how bad YOU stunk up the bathroom. So next month when I have to have another lovely procedure ... I will be bitching again about having to drink the gallon of evil, which tastes like pineapple flavored bleach water .... hell if you are lucky I might even post a picture of my face after I drink it.... if I have time between trips to the bathroom that is.

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