Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just Keep Swimming

Well depression hit hard and fast this morning out of nowhere. I can usually lay still in my bed and pray and think good thoughts and it goes away - well not today. It stuck around. Nothing has really changed and I don't know why I just feel "down" today. There are days (like today) when I get mad at myself for not being able to just "get over" what has happened to me. I expressed this sentiment once to a wise person at paxilprogress (ok - it was Laurie - another shoot out on the blog to her) and she told me "you don't have to get over it - you just have to get on with it". So today - I am just getting on with it - I might be going through the motions and not really making much progress but at least I am out of bed and getting through the day.

My favorite line from the movie, Finding Nemo, is when the fish are all trapped in the net and they just know that it is hopeless. Dory tells them "Just Keep Swimming - Just Keep Swimming !" and eventually they break free of the net and swim away. That has been my mantra and even when I don't feel like being all happy and chipper at least I am "swimming". So my challenge for myself this week and for everybody else is to remember to "Just Keep Swimming".


  1. I can take you out for a virtual coffee? Be well.

  2. I have been feeling like that myself for the last couple of weeks, life has taken yet another turn, and its been hard to deal with. You are right, we just have to "keep swimming!" *hugs!*