Friday, May 7, 2010

The Devil on My Shoulder

A coworker of mine gave me coupons to Carl's Jr. She knows that I really do love Carl's Jr. However it is a little pricey for this broke chick, so I only go when I have coupons. Well now I have coupons ! Here is the dilemma .... I am having a physcial done for a life insurance policy on Monday. I really have been trying to cut down on my sodium intake so that my blood pressure will not be high. I have been a "good girl" and have been eating disgusting frozen meals with low sodium (cardboard with some cardboard flavored sauce) all week. Should I go to Carl's Jr. today? Before you answer that ... remember that I do have a coupon !

One of my friends (Amity ... the one who drinks spinach smoothies) is the angel on my shoulder who is reminding me that this burger (the Guacamole Bacon Burger) has 1, 040 calories in it and 2,240 mg of sodium (almost two days worth of sodium in one burger). The other friend (you know her as the evil Laurie who tried to convert me to her alien book reader machine) told me that I basically could be hit by a bus tomorrow and I would be lying on the street saying "Oh how I wish that I had gone to Carl's Jr. one last time".

What should I do ? I was good all week. I really was. Plus I don't really like bacon ... so I could get it without the bacon ... that would knock off at least 2,000 mg of sodium ... right?


  1. Don't do it! If they take blood, you can actually SEE the extra fat in your system. (The people at my blood donation place showed me the difference. Ack!)

  2. I have to agree with evil Laurie!

  3. Gina, I had to pop over from Cindy's blog to visit a fellow gnome.

    If the coupon is still good, I would wait until after the physical then you would have earned it because of your reduced iron level from all the blood loss.