Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I Don't Think It's the Look That They Were Going For

Oh my goodness ! Does anybody else get a kick out of watching a 16 year old girl try to look all "grown up" by walking around in 4 inch heels? I have to laugh every single time I see it. First of all - I think that it just looks trashy and they aren't fooling anybody. You don't magically look 21 just because you are taller. Not to mention the fact that teenage girls are not known for their poise and balance. They look like clydesdales in stillettos. Rachel has asked me several times if she could have heels. So I took her to a shoe store and picked out two or three pairs for her to teeter around on. After twisting both ankles and realizing that she resembles a newborn giraffe, we went home and she didn't mention it again for a few months. When she is grown and moved out of my house then she can dress as trashy as she wants to, but until then I don't want to spend an evening in the emergency room with a twisted ankle.

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