Friday, March 12, 2010

Me and the Big Check

The Powerball Lottery is up to $200 million, but don't bother with buying a ticket. I just have a feeling that this is my week. Of course considering my luck with other things I probably shouldn't hold my breath that my numbers will magically appear. However, I think that I am due for some good luck this week after Riley's fingernail that he smashed in weight lifting finally fell off, Derek took all of the belts off of the van and then couldn't figure out how to get them back on, the twins continue to run around the house screaming like they are being waterboarded, Bryce has declared that working at Sonic might just be his dream job, and Rachel continues to flunk World History and blame it on everybody else except herself.
How awesome would it be to win the lottery while we are in Vegas? Pretty awesome I say. Don't worry though ... if you are a personal friend of mine then I will be sure to send you a picture of me and Derek holding up the big check. We might even autograph it for you ... I know .... I know .... that's just too much ... but hey that's the kind of generous people that we are.

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