Tuesday, March 9, 2010

You Have Got to Be Kidding !!!

Did anybody else get their letter from the Census yesterday? The one that is telling us that it is not the actual Census, it is just a letter telling us that they are going to be mailing us the Census sometime next week. As if the millions of dollars spent on radio, television, and Internet ads were not enough for us to know that the Census was this year. As if we just dropped in off of another planet and were unaware that the Census happens every ten years and and oh yeah ... its been ten years since the last one. My goodness ... the government is in the hole billions upon billions of dollars and we probably spent a few million more to mail out letters telling us that they are going to send us the Census. Does anybody else think that that is just absolutely insane ???

1 comment:

  1. I did, and my husband and I talked about how stupid it was for an hour. Same day, I got a $0.01 check from my bank, with a $0.44 stamp.

    Just saw you on Dooce...sorry the school system screwed you.