Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sometimes I Just Want to Scream !

I bought a new pair of $70 walking shoes for our trip to Vegas. I am so glad that I decided to wear them for a few days to "break them in" before we left. They have now worn all of the skin off of the back of both of my feet ! I called customer service to complain and I got the "we don't give refunds directly, you will have to take them back to the store". So I asked if they would take them back even though they have been worn outside and she said "yes, but you have to return them to the store". So I called the store and was told "well we will just have to look at them and see if we can give you a refund". The store is two hours away from me !!! I am so mad - that $70 could have been spent on gambling and drinking in VEGAS !!

1 comment:

  1. Frustrating, I know. I've taken new shoes on trips before and been miserable. I'm older and wiser and break in the shoes at home now, just like you did. Or, perhaps, we should say in some situations the shoes broke us?