Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Follow This Person .... Or Else

I am just kidding on the "or else" part, just trying to get your attention. My "friend" from the dooce community has a blog that is chock full of snarky goodness and you should read it ... even better - you should follow her blog. She and I keep joking about how shallow we are that we love to see our following numbers go up .... so go follow this cool chick ... she might even send you a cookie ! (okay - probably not on the cookie thing ... but it will make her happy)


  1. Cracking me up, Gina. Thanks!

    I'm thinking the whole shipping in the heat would likely ensure a big hot mess in your mailbox, so, no--there probably won't be any baked confections in it, but I'll follow your blog!

  2. I already do! Am I disqualified from cookie bribery based on preexisting condition?