Tuesday, June 15, 2010

We Love it When They Tell on Themselves

The younger four childrens walked down to the park last night ... we had to force three of them to go actually. If we had told them "no ... you absolutely cannot go to the park" then they would have whined and begged to go, but because we wanted to spend some time alone they decided that they really didn't want to go. Well too bad you are going anyway ... and you are going to run and jump and laugh and play and you will have fun whether you like it or not ... DAMMIT !

After being at the park for about an hour, it started to cloud up and storms were looming. Bryce called the house to tell us that they were walking home, only he couldn't find Riley and wanted to know if he had already come back to the house. He had not. We went straight into panic parent mode. Derek got in the van and drove down to the park. I didn't really have a fear that somebody had grabbed him. I had more of a fear that he was off with his buddies doing something stupid. This is the same kid who broke into the abandoned hotel during his lunch break just for the shits and giggles of it.

Derek found him at one of his friend's houses that lives right across the street from the park. Riley swore that Bryce knew that he was over there. Bryce swore that he did not ... and logic tells me that if he had known where his brother was then he wouldn't have called the house to ask if he was there ... um ... duh ! So I proceeded to yell and scream at Riley about trust, and responsibility, and dope smoking (oh yes ... I was on a tangent). Riley proceeded to loudly declare "I go over there every time that we go to the park" to which I replied "well then you are a dumb ass for telling on yourself". Yes - I called my fourteen year old son a dumb ass .... why? .... because he was being a DUMB ASS !!! Not only was he not where he was supposed to be (which is a big thing with us), but he proceeded to tell us that he was not where he was supposed to be EVERY time that he went to the park ! DUMB ASS !

Like the time that Bryce snuck away from the house and broke his arm while skateboarding at the park .... he lied about where he was and Rachel lied for him to help cover it up. Until I got a call from the principal at school telling me that the rumor going around school was that Bryce had broken his arm at the park, so I asked Rachel "do your know where your brother was when he broke his arm?" to which she replied "I didn't even know that he was at the skatepark." Derek and I busted out laughing. "I didn't even mention the skatepark". I just love it when they tell on themselves.

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