Friday, June 18, 2010

When They Grow Up - Part 1

My kids are always telling us about all of the fabulous things that that they are going to do when they grow up. Well Derek and I have been writing a list of all of the fabulous things that we are going to do when they grow up too. The list grew every time we went to use something of ours and it was gone, every time that we went to eat something that we had bought just for us and it was gone, or every time that we found something that the children had torn up and forgot to tell us about. This morning I went to use one of the three pairs of scissors that I keep in the bathroom drawer to cut open one of those little conditioner packets that are impossible to open without scissors and guess what ... there were not any scissors in the drawer. Some evil elves must have broken into the house in the middle of the night and stolen all three pairs of scissors. They are probably the same elves that leave all of the cabinet doors open in the kitchen, leave their shoes in the middle of the hallway, drink the $6 per bottle cranberry juice that I bought just for me, and use my nail polish to paint with. Those damn elves !!

The other day Rachel borrowed the van to drive a few of her friends down to Sonic. When we got in the van to leave the next morning there was pink goo all over the dash, down the side of the door, and ON THE FRONT WINDSHIELD !!! When I pointed it out to Rachel she gave me the usual "who are you and what are those words coming out of that hole in your face" look. "Oh my bad .... Jessica dropped her shake last night and she told me that she would clean it up". She is going to think "my bad" when she gets her first car and her daddy and I drive it down to Sonic for the biggest strawberry shakes on the planet ! I sure hope that we don't drop them all over the car .... oops ! My bad !

So when our kids grow up, we are going to visit them and bring along the evil elves so that they too can experience the joys of:

- somebody running up and down the stairs and screaming like they are on fire at 6 o'clock in the morning .... followed by slamming every door in the house at least twelve times

- using all of the spoons to get rock hard ice cream out so that they bend into lovely origami shapes

- trash thrown in the general direction of the trash can but NEVER actually making it in the can

- using every single cup in the cabinet each and every time you get a drink

- soaking the hand towel so that it is dripping in the floor when somebody wants to dry their hands

- opening bags of chips, boxes of crackers, boxes of cereal, jars of pickles, etc., etc. and leaving them just sitting on the cabinet.

Oh yeah ... me and the elves are going to have some fun !!!

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  1. "My bad" is one of my least-favorite phrases. I may hand out punishments just for saying it in my house. ;)