Wednesday, June 30, 2010

No More Free Skittles For You Mr. Senator

I had the "pleasure" of spending a few days at the state Capitol in March and I really think that everybody should make the trip up there are least once in their life. I was truly amazed at a lot of things, one of them being the irony of debating the state budget while they sit and eat their free snacks. Free snacks? Oh yes - snacks ! There is a whole spread of snack type items at the front of the chambers for them to munch on. There is also free drinks and the state government even pays pages to bring that stuff to them. I say that we do away with the free drinks and snacks for them and install soda machines, snack machines, and coffee machines right there in the back of the room. If Senator Knowsitall wants a bag of Skittles then he can haul his happy ass to the back of the room and pay a buck for them. He sure doesn't need some high school girl in a short skirt to giggle and laugh at him every time he beckons her to run an errand for him (that is a post for another day). The point that I am trying to make is that there are plenty of places that we can save money in government and it can start with the free snack spread for the elected officials. I could be completely off base here - there could be somebody who goes around to all of the Senators and Reps on a monthly basis and collects money for the snack fund .... there could be ...

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