Thursday, July 1, 2010

We Little Piggies Ain't Scared

Yesterday morning Derek told Bryce to go upstairs and put his shoes on because they were going to mow the yard. Bryce proceeded to walk upstairs and complain to Riley that he didn't want to mow the yard, so Riley (who loves to mow) volunteered to do it for him. After all of the mowing was done (while Bryce sat on his ass in front of the tv), Bryce had the nerve to come outside and ask Derek if he would drive him out to his friend's house. THE NERVE ! Derek told him that he didn't want to drive him out there and evidently when you don't want to do something then you don't have to. Bryce huffed ! He actually huffed ! Oh he has perfected the huff ... along with the eye roll ... the sulking silence ... the "why not?" ... the stomp up the stairs ... and the all important door slam. Oh yeah ... its a virtual greatest hits of the teenager with a bad attitude. He has yet to figure out that when you lay around all week long watching tv and eating that we are not going to go out of our way to give you money to go places or drive you to those places.

I read an article once about raising teenagers and the summary of it was that God made babies so cute and cuddly so that we would love them, take care of them, and want them around. God made teenagers so hard to get along with, with a horrible attitude, and an awful smell so that we wouldn't mind so much when they move out. AMEN TO THAT ONE !!

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  1. Holy cow, can I ever relate to this!!! What I really loved was during the summer time when the kids weren't in school. My hubby and I would get home for lunch and they'd all be sitting around the TV...dishes on the counter, newspaper spread on the floor. Drove me batshit crazy!