Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekly Challenge - Replace a Bad Habit

We all have bad habits. We know that they are bad ... but we don't work on fixing them. This week I am going to try to replace three bad habits with good habits.

1. I eat while I watch tv (even when I am not hungry) .... instead I will exercise while watching tv and try to only eat while sitting at the table

2. I sometimes tune my kids out when they are talking to me .... instead I will look them in the face while they are talking and actually listen to what they are saying

3. I tend to talk over people (this is a leftover bad habit from my bat shit crazy days and I catch myself doing it every once in a while) .... instead I will stop talking when somebody else starts and be more open to other people's opinions and thoughts


  1. I miss the pre-kids dinners in front of the TV somedays. Of course, we do a weekly family movie/pizza night where we get to do it again!

    I, too, catch myself doing #2 and #3 on your list sometimes. I've been trying to get better about both.

  2. I actually ate dinner at the table last night while the girlies chattered about a Wii game to me. Derek was at work and I usually eat in front of the tv on the nights when he works. Instead of eating; I wrote a letter to a friend, paid some bills, researched book agents, and flipped through a magazine - much more productive than stuffing my face !