Thursday, July 22, 2010

Workin At The Car Wash

During our trip to Vegas back in March, Derek and I went to see a burlesque show ( I think that I spelled that right,but am too scared to Google it ... who knows what might pop up ... pun intended). Anyway, at one point in the show the dancer that Derek found absolutely captivating did a little number where she wore a stunning aqua fringed outfit and man oh man ... those little fringie things were a flyin ! I thought Derek was going to pass out.

After the show, we were talking about how Vegas needed a burlesque type of show with curvier women ..... the light bulb went on ! This could be our million dollar idea ! We could call it "Chubbies" (note the double meaning) and we could use only curvier women to do the dancing. I told Derek that I would even be willing to do a little number in a fringie outfit .... only when I did it we would use the song "Workin at the Car Wash" because that was what it would resemble. He nearly passed out from laughing so hard .... not quite the same response that he had to the other fringie outfit .... but the same end result ... him laying on the floor gasping for air.


  1. Now that you mention it, fringed dancers and carwash spinnie things DO look similar! Hilarious.

  2. Bwahahahaha.....ummmmm....where do I audition?