Friday, July 2, 2010

It's Official ......

.... as of today I have five teenagers ! My babies turn 13 today. Emily talked to me about the important landmark in time of finally becoming a teenager ... then she asked when she was going to get a cell phone and whether or not she could now watch "The Hangover". The answer to the cell phone question was "you are not getting one" and the answer to the movie question was "HELL NO". To which she replied in a high pitched tone, "Why not? I am a teenager now?" After I stopped rolling around in the floor laughing, I said, "Oh yeah ... that and a dime will get you ... wait ... a dime won't get you a damn thing ... so that and I dime will get you ten cents." She was not amused and stomped out of the room with a huff, an eye roll, and a door slam. Oh yeah - she's a teenager !

1 comment:

  1. You should get some kind of award for parenting five teens at the same time!