Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Of All the Gin Joints ....

Derek has been reading my blog ! How dare he ! Doesn't he have some Peggle to play or some pinup girl pictures to look at instead? I mean the nerve of some people ! There are millions of other websites out there ... stop reading mine you bald fireman !

I discovered this little tidbit (don't you just love that word? - let's all say it together TID-BIT) of information the other day on our way to do some highly entertaining grocery shopping at the fancy grocery store without taking the kids - hell it was almost like a vacation or a hot date (well at least a luke warm date). Anyway ... out of nowhere ... in between some of his "redneck, I loved my cousin, but had to give her up cause she was addicted to crack and couldn't support her drug habit cause my best huntin dog needs an operation" music he turns to me and says "So ... you want to learn how to mow?"

To which I replied, "WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? Where did you hear that?" Then I pretended to pass out for a few seconds and awoke with a "where am I?", "who are you?", and "and there was a Tinman, and a Scarecrow, and a Wicked Witch .....". He didn't fall for it and said "Don't bring your mother into this ... I have been reading your blog."

Well gosh darnit all to heck ! Now I guess that I am going to have to be nice and not post the picture of him laying in bed, with nothing but his underwear on, eating a Big Mac ! Oh maybe I will ..... muahahahahaha ! That will teach him not to try to actually make me do my own weekly challenges. THAT BASTARD !


  1. The unmitigated gall.....bad Derek! Bad! But to be fair, you did put your new want of mowing know-how out into the Universe....I am just saying. Maybe the damned "Law of Attraction Fairy" helped you get your wish ;)

  2. Yep - it's one of those "be careful what you wish for or your husband might read your blog and actually make you do the crap you promised yourself that you would do". DAMMIT !

  3. How dare he! Okay, I'm secretly disappointed that mine NEVER reads mine!

    I gave you an award on my blog, btw.

  4. OMG !!! An award !!! Does it have glitter on it?