Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ah .... Young Stupidity

Last night a secret elf dropped a letter on our front porch addressed "To the parents of Rachel McGee". Can you see where this is going? Oh yes - I could see where this was going too. When Riley handed it to me, my heart stopped. Whomever wrote the letter did not sign it, but it had to be somebody who knows her pretty well. They basically told us that Rachel has been sneaking around secretly dating the twenty year old that we told her that we didn't want her dating. We already suspected that it was happening. We aren't that stupid. Plus I remember being a 17 year old and having my parents tell me that I was forbidden from dating a certain boy - sure he was a jobless bum who spent his days drinking beer and playing video games from the comfort of his disgustingly dirty couch, but as soon as my parents told me that I couldn't date him then he instantly became Paul Newman mixed with Sam Eliott with a little Robert Redford thrown in.

Derek is not taking this well at all. His ego is bruised by it and he just can't understand why his baby girl would do this to us. The letter also said that the twenty year old Romeo has given Rachel an engagement ring and lo and behold she came home from work last night wearing a ring that looks an awful lot like an engagement ring on her left ring finger ....but of course it wasn't hers and she was just wearing it for somebody that she works with ... and if you look at my birth certificate you will notice that my birthdate was not September 13th of 2010 and I was NOT born yesterday !!!

So here we are ... at another place in raising children that is no fun at all. Derek is ready to just let her go and let her see how hard life really is .... and that love doesn't buy groceries. I am trying to find some middle ground and make him see that the main reason that she sees this loser as being so fabulous is because we don't.


  1. Heeeeeyikes Mama, been there, but I was the Rachel....and I did drop the dead weight but never because my Mom told me to. Hang on.

  2. losers always have a way of showing their true colors... i'm sorry that in the end you'll have a daughter with a broken heart, but it will heal... bring him in, let him into the family, the more you "allow" the relationship, the more time he'll have to screw up:)

  3. I was the Rachel also. Unfortunately, some young folks have to walk a hard path to get to a good place. I'll be hoping she gets to her "good place" a lot sooner in life than I did. My thoughts will be with you and your husband.