Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekly Challenge - Find Your Direction

I have my moments when I feel lost. There really isn't any other word to describe it. Just a feeling of not being in the right place, yet not knowing how to get to where I am supposed to be. I just read that Derek's best friend from high school (the one who was recently promoted to an Assistant Superintendent job at a huge high school in Texas) is now working on his Doctorate degree. It hit me hard. That should have been me ... that was part of the big plan. Realizing that that will never happen now really hurts, but I am trying really hard to not get upset by it. I have to believe that what has happened to me can be turned around and used for the greater good. So this week, instead of getting down and depressed about the direction my life was supposed to take - I am finding my new direction.

I keep imagining that somebody is going to call me up and offer me a book deal, a job writing articles for magazines, or a reality television show - but how is that ever going to happen if I don't put myself out there. I need to keep working towards my direction and keep talking and writing about the issues that are important to me and maybe my story will make a difference. Here are my "new directions":

- the overprescribing of psychotropic and pain medications

- domestic violence (focus on prevention)

- reforming the criminal justice system so that only the truly dangerous are locked up

(the only thing that prisons teach is how to be a prisoner)

- reforming the Sex Offender Registry so that it is actually useful and does not punish those who do not deserve to be labeled for life (like barely 19 year old who have consensual sex with their almost 16 year old girlfriends)

- life skills taught in schools so that people don't turn to drugs and/or alcohol to numb themselves

What is your "new direction"?

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  1. New Directions = Nude Erections.

    I'm sorry, I really couldn't help myself.

    (Maybe my new direction should be teaching children not to be so crass.)

    I really like the causes you've listed here. Honestly, it didn't even occur to me that a 19 y/o who has sex with his 16 y/o girlfriend is on that registry. That's awful!!