Friday, September 24, 2010

The Versatile Blogger Award

Be sure to pass it on !!

Thanks to Cindy for including me in her list of versatile bloggers this week AND for giving me an instant topic to blog about. The bloggers who have this honor bestowed upon them (much like being knighted by The Queen) are to reveal seven truths about themselves and then pass the honor to seven blogs that they follow.

So here goes .... Seven truths about me ... stand back people, this could get ugly:

1. I am 37 years old and have been married for 18 years (19 in December). We have been through literal hell on earth ... but we survived ... and we have thrived because of it.

2. I have 5 teenagers ............ oh dear lord ... just reading that made me want to cry ... and then scream ... and think drink a box of wine. Rachel is 17 (and if you don't know Rachel - read last week's posts), Bryce is 16, Riley is 15, and the twins - Emily and Beth are 13. Oh yes ... feel bad for me ... it's okay ... I will allow it.

3. I have survived a prescription drug addiction (Paxil, Ambien, misuse of blood pressure meds, and hormones) mixed with copious (man I love that word) amounts of Vodka - enough Vodka to make a Russian mobster say "damn ... she drinks a lot".

4. I have survived an abusive relationship in high school where I was beaten with a baseball bat, nearly run over, and taken out to the middle of the woods and had a gun held to my head. Oh yeah - he was a real winner!

5. I was raised by hoarders (one who came about it naturally and one who developed it after her own prescription drug addiction). It's similar to being raised by wolves only with less attacking of the neighbors sheep ... however if the neighbors had a stained, broken recliner out by their trash can, then that might be reason enough for a midnight attack.

6. I drink a can of Dr. Pepper every morning for breakfast ... I hate coffee (although I do love frozen coffee drinks and coffee candy).

7. I have "done time". Done time being crazy ... done time being sick ... done time in serious withdrawal ... and I have been in a jail cell where I met some of the most amazing women on the face of the earth who got caught up in bad circumstances and are now stuck in prison without any hopes of anything better. Don't worry babes - I am fighting my hardest to change the system.

The blogs that I read and love (consider yourself Knighted my friends)

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I also read and belong to the community there - but she has enough awards so I will just send her a can of Sprite.

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  1. I really, really, really admire your honesty.

    Also, five teenagers! Oh my...