Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Big Stamp

Disclaimer: I love my daughter a lot ... but sometimes I wonder how she finds her way out of her bedroom in the morning.

Friday afternoon (in the middle of all of this sneaking around with a 20 year old goober drama) Rachel finally decides to mail her ACT packet. We had decided that we weren't going to constantly remind her about getting it sent in, but after all of the engagment drama we decided that we better remind her so that she can be preparing to actually go to college. Well long story short (I know - too late), I was in the bathroom Friday afternoon when she came upstairs and told me through the door that she needed to mail her ACT packet and asked me if I had any stamps. I told her that I did and where they were.

A few minutes later she came back upstairs and told me that the packet had a big square where the stamp went so she used the big stamp. "Um ... honey ... what big stamp?" It was probably a good thing that we were talking through the bathroom door so she couldn't see the "oh my gosh - we have raised a complete moron" look on my face. She had taken the label off of the book of stamps and put it on the ACT packet, because she seriously thought that it was a "big stamp". Oh yeah - this is the daughter who thinks that she is mature enough to get married.

Go ahead and laugh ... I did.


  1. As soon as I saw the word big stamp associated with Rachel and ACT packet, I knew where this was going.

    And thanks for your permission to laugh. I would have laughed anyway, but I feel less guilty about it now.

  2. Oh, yes...thank you for the permission to laugh! I about spit my pasta salad across the room. Hah! I sometimes think that your daughter and mine might possibly share a brain.

    I asked Melissa one time to make some jello and went through the instructions on the box one by one. When I got home there was a funky smell in the house. She had put the plastic bowl that the "finished product" should go in on the stove to boil the water in! She was right about 17 at the time. How on earth do they survive? :)

  3. Haha, it's ok. I had to teach several friends in college how to address an envelope and write a check.

  4. Ahhahahahaaa! Oh man, you know, I think it is the little things like that that keep us going as parents. In the middle of all the chaos she does something that shows that really truly does need her momma, even if she doesn't know it! :) Thanks for the laugh!

  5. Bwah haha hahahahahah.

    I shouldn't laugh, though. My mom called me a closet blonde in high school because I was such an airhead.

  6. Anybody else seen Deuce Bigalow? At the beginning Antoine tells Deuce (in some funky accent) "There is something wrong with my ... um ... big fish"

    Derek has been walking around for days saying "There is something wrong with my ... um ... big stamp" in his best Antoine accent. Oh yeah ... he is hilarious !

  7. My son was in 2nd grade and wanted some cookies. I figured he was old enough to follow directions, so I got out the ingredients and told him to follow the recipe. He came in with a bowl of cookie dough, and his arms were also covered in cookie dough up to his elbows. I asked him what was up with that, and he showed me on the recipe where it said "mix by hand."

    In his 20s, he and a girlfriend visited. I was making baked potatoes for dinner. The girlfriend helped, or wanted to. She put the foil-wrapped potatoes in the oven. She also thought that about 6-7 minutes later they probably should come out. She had no clue about ovens with heat; she was a microwave girl.

    I worry about the giant stamp girl, though.