Wednesday, September 8, 2010

He Didn't Say Anything About Playing Catch

Derek did NOT have a good day yesterday. Bryce started puking in the morning, so he stayed home from school. Derek drove down to the rent house to discover that the fleas are still there (going to have to pay $200 to have it professionally sprayed AND the lady wants to move in on Friday, but they can't spray until Friday AND we still don't have the new carpet installed AND the house needs to be sprayed BEFORE they install the carpet). Derek calls the doctor and makes Bryce an appointment, because he also had a horrible headache and a sore throat.

Sometime that morning, Riley calls to inform Derek that he has hurt himself in football practice and can't lift his arms. Oh yes ... these are the days of our lives. So Derek brings Riley up here with him to take Bryce to the doctor and they then take Riley to the chiropractor - who cracks his bones nine ways to Sunday and tells him that he has ribs out of place. His instructions were to rest and not practice football until Thursday and to come back on Thursday for another adjustment.

Last night I asked Derek if he had given Riley any Tylenol during the day. He had not. I found an Aleve instead and proceeded upstairs to give it to the poor child with the misplaced ribs. As I rounded the corner into the empty bedroom, Derek yelled "THEY ARE OUTSIDE". My first thought was "Is the mothership here to take me home? (preferably to a planet that doesn't have fleas)". "THE BOYS ARE OUTSIDE", he yelled. My next thought was "Those little shits !!!"

Sure enough ... there they were .... standing in the backyard. The kid who has ribs out of place and is supposed to be in bed lying on an ice pack and resting AND the kid who stayed home from school all day puking are outside throwing a football back and forth. I am sure that I had my "mother possessed by demons face" on .... Riley just looked at me and said "He didn't say anything about playing catch".

Derek (in between the laughing) told me, "Just walk away honey ... just walk away"

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