Friday, April 16, 2010

And How Did That Make You Feel?

A question was asked on a forum that I belong to about therapy and several people posted about how they sought help from a psychiatrist and started taking meds. Well if you haven't figured it out by now, I am not a fan of traditional therapy. No big shocker there. After the hell that psychotropic meds put me and my family though, no thanks ! I have learned a few things over the years and one of the most profound things that I have learned is that traditional therapy does NOT work. The whole "lay on the couch and bitch about your problems while I sit here and write it down in your chart" doesn't do a damn thing for anybody. In fact, it probably does more harm than good. If I sat around griping about everything that had ever gone wrong in my life then I would not be much fun to be around at all. I know people like this (my mother for one). Never happy. Constantly complaining. Wanting sympathy from anybody who will give it. Yet never working towards a change in their lives that might make them better.

This is where CBT (Cognitive Behavorial Therapy) comes in. It is really not that new, yet people are just now figuring out that it is an effective type of therapy that actually empowers people to change their thoughts, attitudes, and actions so that they can change their lives. No more just sitting and blaming all of the bad stuff that has ever happened for the way a person acts. No more paying hundreds (more likely thousands) to a psychiatrist who only listens to you for about 5 minutes and then hands you a prescription. People are not helpless ... no matter what the drug commercials say.

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