Friday, April 2, 2010

Maybe She Went to Work for the Census

Everybody remember my darling little daughter who has had serious problems with self control when it comes to using the phone? Well she is baaaaaaaaaaaack and in full force !!! I used to think that she must be secretly working for NASA because she was constantly on the phone and she must have had very important things to talk about with very important people. For a while, the phone bills got better so I assumed that she resigned from her job at NASA. Well she must have gone to work for the Census, because the bill is worse than ever !!!

I just looked at this month's cell phone bill and little miss pretty princess sent nearly 7,500 text messages in a month !!!! Some of them were sent in the middle of the night and a lot of them were sent while she was at work ! AT WORK !!! Just the other night she was bawling and crying about how tired and stressed she was .... blah blah blah. WELL MAYBE YOU WOULDNT BE SO DAMN TIRED IF YOU WERENT UP UNTIL 3 IN THE DAMN MORNING SENDING DAMN TEXTS TO EVERY DAMN PERSON THAT YOU KNOW !!!!

It would be so much easier to be a parent who just didn't give a sh*t !!!!


  1. Time to start making her pay for her own phone!

  2. My husband and I just took our daughter's phone away after warning her about a three stikes and you're out rule. She was caught texting past a certain time and the third time we told her that was it---she hasn't had her phone in 3 months and it's a major pain in the butt for her dad and I. She begs almost every day for it back. Ugh...I agree. It WOULD be easier not to give a sh*t.