Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Time Has Come

When I was on meds, I chopped and colored my hair on a very regular basis. At one point it was cut in a style similar to George Clooney's, but it stuck up all over the place. It was a base color of black in the back with three shades of brown on top and bright red (Ronald McDonaldish) highlights in the front. Well one day I decided that I wanted some blonde highlights, so I bought one of those facial hair bleaching kits and proceeded to highlight myself (one top of the other colors). Oh yeah ! I was nuts ! The more Derek told me that it was a bad idea, the more I wanted to do it (another loverly med side effect). So I did it. I looked like somebody had stuck a calico cat in a blender. I also seriously considered getting my eyebrow pierced and a tattoo on my neck ! Gosh - I wonder why Derek didn't want to go out in public with me !

Well for the past three years, through withdrawal and recovery. I have only colored my hair in order to cover up the grays and I have let it grow out. It is down to the middle of my back now. It hit me like a ton of bricks this morning that I was growing it out in an effort to show myself and Derek that I wasn't that crazy chick anymore who wanted to buzz her head and get a nose ring. Well the time has come to cut it. I have made my point and it is time to move on. I will try to refrain from getting the purple mohawk ! Maybe a nice, layered, shoulder length bob will work instead.

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