Monday, April 5, 2010

Little Johnny Can't Read a Road Sign ... but He Can Send a Text

I am seriously considering sending a copy of the lovely Miss Pretty Princess (although right now she is more Miss Pissy Acting Princess) phone bill to the school principal. I marked all of the texts that she sent during school hours in bright red and she had the nerve to tell us that it wasn't really her fault that she sent all of those texts during school hours because "we weren't doing anything in those classes anyway", to which Derek replied "oh really, you weren't doing ANYTHING at 9:05, or again in the next hour at 10:15, or in the next hour at 11:23, or in the next hour at 12:05 (well you see where this is going)". She just stood there with the boo hoo weepy eyes refusing to acknowledge the fact that Number one - she shouldn't have been sending the texts during school and Number two - nobody grabbed her little hands and made her do it because everybody else was doing it and "we weren't doing anything in those classes anyway". I want the principal to explain to me what the hell is going on during the school day that my daughter can sit through every single class texting away and NOBODY notices .... all while FLUNKING two of her classes ! What the hell ???

I recently read a website for a politician who wants to invest more money in technology for schools. Really ? Do you really think that that is what we need? My daughter knows how to use technology just fine. In fact , she is so great at it that she can do it while sitting in school, while she is working at a grocery store AND while she is sleeping !!! However - she cannot tell me how to multiply 50 X 100 without using a piece of paper and she cannot name any of the elements or their symbols and she cannot write an essay for English without using the word "like" in every single sentence. Oh yeah ... we sure do need more technology ... it's not rotting their little brains and making them an entire generation of idiots fast enough.


  1. I support you 100% in sending that bill to the principal. Perhaps something will change. We can only hope, right?

  2. You mean, like, it isn't correct to, like, use "like" in every, like, sentence??