Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Retirement Plan

A few years ago at some party with people that we can barely tolerate and couldn't wait to leave, Derek walked away with a poker set. No .. he didn't steal it. It was one of those ridiculous gift exchange things were everybody fights over the Irish Cream drinking set or the sex toys that everybody knows that they are too prudish (yes .. that is a word) to actually use. Up until today, I don't think that the poker set has even been opened. So he gave it to our children. Yes - we are bad parents. Yes - we are going to hell. Yes - Rush Limbaugh really did say that the volcano eruption in Iceland was because God was angry that we passed Health Care Reform (I am creative, but even I couldn't make that one up).

I walked upstairs earlier to witness the four younger kids learning how to play Texas Hold Em poker from the instructions included in the poker set. I just had to laugh. Let's hope that they get really good at it and when they turn 21then I can take them to Vegas and win big time and in their speech after winning the tournament they will stand up and say "Thanks Mom and Dad for encouraging us to gamble". We will just wipe the tears from our eyes and say "We are so proud of you".


  1. I have a pretty snazzy rooster- complete with feathers- from one of those swap things at our family reunion last summer. Because everyone needs a life size rooster replica with feathers. Right?

  2. hey not a bad idea lol. I have a friend who plays professionally and he's making good money and he definitely treats it as a job and not fun.