Friday, April 30, 2010

PMS and Pantyhose Do NOT Mix

What kind of cruel joke is it that women get bloated up every month like a freaking bullfrog and yet they are the ones who have to wear the pantyhose to work? It's a cruel joke right up there with God putting my very liberal self smack dab in the middle of "We think that you are wrong and we want to tell you all of the ways you are wrong ... but we will pray for you" country !

By the way, I do not suffer from PMS .... I embrace it. I don't believe in that whole take a pill because you are bitchy once a month thing. I see it as nature's way of telling my husband that I don't want him touching me for the next week so he better take the hint and leave me the hell alone ! I don't need a pill for that. A box of wine maybe ... but not a pill !

1 comment:

  1. Pantyhose don't mix with anything, in my opinion. They're the product of the devil himself. If you decide to toss them out the car window on the way home from work one day, hold off! Here are some far better uses for them! ;)