Wednesday, April 28, 2010

She Must Have Lost Her Tin Foil Hat

My friend, Laurie (oh my goodness - does this make two ... count em ... two shout outs on my blog to my friend Laurie?) keeps trying to convert me to some new contraption where you read books on some electronic device. It's true ! First the light bulb and now this ... what is this world coming too? This is the working of those evil liberals I tell ya. Trying to take over the world through electronic books and such. They are probably in cahoots with the aliens .... of course they are ... in fact I think that their leaders are all aliens. Yep ... that's it ... of course he wasn't born in this country. He wasn't even born on this planet !!! He probably has one of those secret alien decoding book reader things too. Run for your lives kids !! Pack up the tin foil and the ammo .... we are heading to the bunker !

As for me, I will keep reading my books made out of paper, just like God intended for it to be, sitting in my bathtub drinking from a box of wine. Wait ... God wrote on tablets .... well that's beside the point. I refuse to be converted !


  1. So you are willing to kill those SO many trees, just for your reading pleasure? roflmao! You will cave...I know you will! PLUS, it's cheaper!

  2. My mom LOVES her Kindle. She absolutely adores it. And while I'm fascinated with the idea, I also prefer paper books. I know, I know it's not very environmentally friendly blah, blah, blah. I love the feel of paper. I also like the way books smell. My mom's kindle, doesn't really smell that great.

  3. Plus if I drop a book in the tub, I am out maybe 20 bucks .... drop a Kindle in the tub and I am out hundreds, plus I might have shocked the shoot out of my myself in the process. You know those aliens are just waiting for me to electrocute myself by ebook !