Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Are We Too Strict?

During a yelling conversation with Miss Pretty Princess on Saturday, she informed me that we (her parents) are "choking her with all of our rules". The rules have always been the same and I don't think that they are unreasonable at all. We expect our kids to make at least Cs, I would have liked them to get all As and Bs,but since Derek was a C student we relaxed the grade rule a little and now only ground them if they have below a C. Reasonable? I think so. We enforce a curfew that is the same as their grade (if you are in the 11th grade then your curfew is 11 o'clock). Reasonable? I think so. We only allow them to spend the night with friends that we know their parents and we usually speak to the parents before our child is allowed to spend the night so that we know where they are going to be and who they are going to be with. Reasonable? I think so.

We also told them that if they had a cell phone, which the older two USED to have, that we would be checking the messages at any time and they better not be sending messages that they don't want us to see. I know waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much about sexting laws and don't want my children going to prison for doing something stupid. They also knew that I would be checking the cell phone bill every month and that I would know when they sent a text, what time they sent it, and to whom they sent it. Reasonable ? I think so. Well Miss Pretty Princess told me on Saturday during the shoot out at the dining room table that we were the only parents that she knew of who actually checked the cell phone bill. To which I replied "Well then your friends have bad parents!". Did she really think that by telling me that none of the other parents check the bill that I was going to stop checking it? Oh that silly girl !


  1. I think a lot of parents today are either oblivious to what their kids are doing or are more concerned with being their buddies. Bravo for being a parent who cares!

  2. Heh, your girl should feel lucky. My parents LAUGHED when I asked if I could hook up a LAND LINE phone in my room.

    I didn't have a cell phone until I'd moved out and joined the Air Force. And I bought that myself. Kids these days... haha.