Thursday, August 12, 2010

If You Build It, They Will Stay

As you may know, we play the lottery every week, twice a week. Derek calls them my "crack tickets". I am addicted to the idea of winning the lottery. He is addicted to fried stuff with cheese. It works for us.

The kids know that we buy lottery tickets, so they dream right along with us about what we would spend our big lottery winnings on. I have my plan of building a house in the middle of a square mile of land, surrounded by a moat with piranhas in it. Bryce has a dream of building a huge basketball court. The conversation went something like this:

Bryce: If we win the lottery then we can build an awesome basketball court.

Me: Well first of all son, you won't be buying the lottery tickets, therefore there is no WE in that statement.

Bryce (rolling his eyes): Whatever ... If YOU win the lottery then you can build ME an awesome basketball court.

Me: Sure eldest son of mine, if your dear father and I are blessed with the winnings of several millions of dollars then we will bestow enough upon you so that you can build your dream basketbal court.

Bryce: Cool .... If you did that, then I would never want to move out.


Me: In that case ... NO !!! No matter how much we win, we will NEVER be building you your dream basketball court, in fact we might just live in a one room shack so that you little childrens will not come back home.

Note to Self: Install secret underground tunnel under the floorboards of the one room shack that leads to an undisclosed location where we can build our dream house surrounded by a moat and piranhas !

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