Friday, August 6, 2010

Where Is My Reality Show?

Ok ... I don't have a day-glo orange tan and don't stay drunk all day long (just part of the day), but my life is interesting ! Where is my show that takes my whole family on vacation while I bitch at my kids and treat my husband like a dog? Where is my show where I get to run around Las Vegas, gambling and partying my ass off? Where is my show where I talk about my past prescription drug addiction, the felony charges that resulted from it, the visits to the state Capitol where I try to change the minds of closed minded people, the writing of a book, the writing of a blog, the writing of all of the checks to pay on the mountainous debt? Oh wait ... maybe I am not cut out for reality tv because I don't stay drunk all day long and am not doped out of my mind anymore, I try my hardest to be nice to my kids, and I love and respect my husband. Happy people don't make good tv .... so nevermind ... I will just keep up the fight in other ways ... however, if there are tv show producers out there ... a few trips to Vegas every once in a while might not hurt us.

P.S. I need one more follower in order to hit the 35 followers mark .... tell your friends about my snarky goodness and there might be a box of wine in it for you ... of course aliens MIGHT fall out of the sky and give us all cotton candy too. It could happen !


  1. I just became a follower! Did I win?! :) Hi Gina, this is NoRx4Me from PP. LOVE your blog, can't wait to read your book!

  2. Awesome ! Thanks for following me ... although I somehow lost a follower right when you followed ... so I am still hanging steady at 34. Gosh Dangit all to Heck !!!