Tuesday, August 10, 2010

When They Grow Up - Part Two

Derek did not plan his vacation time very well. He didn't bother to look at the school calendar, therefore he took off six or seven shifts (which means that he is off work for about three weeks) right when the kids are all at home. Needless to say, six people trapped in an 1,800 square foot house all week long (five of those people being moody teenagers) does not a happy vacation make. Well it all came to a boil yesterday when Derek couldn't find the charger for the cell phone. He and I have the same type of phone and use the same type of charger. The kids use a completely different type of charger, yet Bryce took our charger to his friend's house and accidentally left it there. Did he bother to tell us that he had it? Of course not ! Did he bother to tell us that he forgot it at his friend's house? Of course not !

Derek blew up .... I am just glad that nobody was seriously injured or maimed in the blow up and that I was not there to see it. I can understand his frustration with things not being where they are supposed to be, I went to find my hairspray, comb, and frizz cream the other day. The hairspray was under a bed in the girl's room, the frizz cream was on their dresser, and evidently the comb ran away with the spoon (the spoon was tired of the dish ... probably because he left their cell phone charger at a friend's house ... I don't blame the spoon ... enough is enough !)

So we have added another item to our list of things that little evil elves are going to do to our children when they move out on their own .... be warned my little childrens ... you better be buying those car chargers by the case because we are going to be giving them out like candy at a parade !!!

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  1. The husband is leaving for Texas (to visit his best friend for a few days) in about an hour. "Operation please go somewhere before I stab you with a kitchen utensil" is a go !