Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekly Challenge - Junk Food Journal

For the past week or so, I have been having horrible "there is an elephant sitting on my chest" anxiety and have been having trouble sleeping. I thought that maybe there was a three year wave from coming off of my antidepressants, but I am more inclined to believe that it has something to do with all of the junk food that I have been eating (especially the salty stuff). My challenge for the week is to blog down everything that I eat - so you, my loyal readers, are going to help me cure my junk food habit. Here is what I had to eat this weekend:

Breakfast - a can of Dr. Pepper
Lunch - Steakhouse Sub Combo at Arby's (Roast beef sub sandwich with onion rings on it, curly fries with ranch dressing, and a medium raspberry tea)
Dinner - Ranch burgers that Derek made, chips and ranch dip (I see a ranch them here)

Breakfast - a can of Dr. Pepper
Lunch - leftover Ranch burger, more chips and more ranch dip
Dinner - Redneck casserole (ground beef, mushroom beef soup, and potatoes)

Geez Louise ! No wonder I feel like crap ! There is not a vegetable or a fruit anywhere in that list. Writing it all down is a huge "slap in the face" (where have I heard that before?)

I brought an apple with me today and am going to have salad for lunch and beans with tomatoes for dinner. I have got to do better !


  1. I bought a salad for lunch ... really wanted the burger and fries ... but I did not give in to temptation !

  2. Love this idea. I won't put it online but I will write it down. I'm having some stress/anxiety issues too so hopefully this will help!

  3. In addition to fruits & vegetables, you might want to try a little protein for breakfast. Something as simple as an egg. I don't feel or function well if I don't have some protein in the morning.

  4. I love that a can of Dr. Pepper is your standard breakfast! I guess for those of us who down a pot of coffee per day there is little room to mock you! :)

  5. I love the smell of coffee, but hate hate hate the taste, so Dr. Pepper is my coffee substitute. If I don't have one a day then I get bitchy ... ok ... bitchier than usual.