Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Pencil Test

I confess that we watch Holly's World ... I know ... I know ... it actually makes me want to rip my own eyebrows off with duct tape, but I am addicted. The episode last week was the one where Holly is buying Angel (her assistant) a new pair of boobs and they go to the consultation together. Angel complains that her boobs have deflated after breastfeeding and they need to be perkier. The doctor explains to her how the pencil test works. Evidently if you stick a pencil under your boob and it stays there, then they need "work". Derek and I couldn't stop laughing after I said, "ah hell ... I could hold a trapper keeper under mine ... and a stapler ... and a tape dispenser ... and a 64 count box of crayons .... "

He got up to go downstairs to get a drink .... but he yelled from the hallway "and a file cabinet!"

What a guy !!!


  1. Hahaha!!! A file cabinet?? That's awesome! I was thinking, "Oh, I could fit WAY more than a pencil under mine." And you listed of pretty much everything I was thinking....except the filing cabinet! Classic! And that, my dear, is why it's awesome living with a smart ass!!!!! :)

  2. I remember learning about the pencil test from a roommate of mine. And, yes, we all felt compelled to try it out.

    Ha! File cabinet!!

  3. I feel your pain exactly - same thing happening with me. And I'm barely in my 20s :( It's a sad, sad thing.

  4. I WISH I had boobs big enough to hold a pencil. *sigh*