Tuesday, August 17, 2010

McGee Brothers Construction

McGee Brothers Construction is the partnership of Bryce McGee and Riley McGee, formerly of McGee Brothers Painting. If you are not familiar with their work, please read about it here:


The construction partnership was not founded by them. It was founded by Derek when we discovered that there is a hole in the roof of the smaller rent house, therefore when it rains, the water pours right down through the hole in the middle of the room and has caused the wood floor in that room to buckle. The lady who lived there only used that bedroom for storage so who knows how long it has been leaking. Derek announced yesterday that the boys were going to help him fix the roof ..... cue the eye rolling and huffing.

Two teenage boys standing on a roof with hammers is not a good thing. Two teenage boys who watch idiotic shows on MTV where they jump off of things is even worse.

Bryce: "Hey dad .... do you think I would break some bones if I jumped off of the roof?"

Derek: "Don't jump off of the roof. I have to get this finished and if you jump then you are just going to have to lay there and bleed until I get done"

Bryce: "Hey dad .... do you think that Riley would break some bones if I pushed him off of the roof?"

Riley: "I will grab you on the way down dude ...."

McGee Brothers Construction - We do a bad job, but we do it really slowly ... and sometimes we get distrac ..... oh look ..... there's a kitty !

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