Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Weekly Challenge - Stop Self Sabotage

The picture to my left is the little voice inside my head that says that even though I am trying to lose weight, it is okay to eat ruffled potato chips with ranch dip and shredded cheese for dinner. I knew it was wrong. I knew that it was evil. I knew that it wasn't good for me and those 100 calories that I burned on the Wii Fit didn't matter when I ate 12 bazillion calories worth of chips dipped in ranch dressing and then dipped in shredded cheddar cheese. I knew that I shouldn't have done it, but I did it anyway. Why?

Why do we sabotage ourselves? We know that we shouldn't do certain things, yet we do it anyway. What part of the human brain makes a person be rational one second and kick rational in the face and laugh in an evil manner while they stuff chips down their throat and watch endless episodes of Man versus Food the next? Why? Why? Why?


  1. I think that part of the human brain is the one that makes me eat premade icing by the tub in the bathroom :)

  2. Good question. My rational brain says, "Go ahead and eat that Snickers. It'll give you energy for your workout this afternoon." Very logical! I have organic protein bars that I buy specifically for pre-workout fuel, yet my brain convinces me that Snickers are a fine substitute. AND, I've lost no weight this summer. Correlation??? I think not! ;)