Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekly Challenge - Be A Good Neighbor

After you saw my picture for this post, you started singing the little neighbor song in your head - didn't you? You know that you did !

Derek hates people. Okay - maybe that's a little strong. Derek dislikes a few people ... well maybe some people ... ok ... maybe most people. He would prefer to be in a cave (a cave with cable TV, Peggle on the computer and an endless supply of bacon and gravy) all alone with nobody bothering him. Don't get me wrong ... he is a nice guy and he will be nice to most people, but he prefers to not chit chat with near strangers - especially the neighbors. He is more of a "hurry up and get in the house before they try to talk to us" kind of guy.

My goal for the week is to be more neighborly, but I think that I am going to have to do this one alone. I don't expect him to go next door with me and deliver the berry crumble that I made for the elderly people that live next to us. In fact, I kind of expect him to say "what the hell are you taking that to them for? I would eat that". To which I will reply "It isn't a bacon crumble and with that attitude you are not going to be getting any glitter on your cardboard box in heaven - you gripey old bastard ! "

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